What we Do
Data Milling
Access untapped data repositories 
▼  Do we have data? Is it available? 
Analysis of data repositories, data links and internal & external data flow.
▼ Where is the data?
Data Management architecture.
▼ Do we need to pay for data?
Data taxonomy: "0 party", "1st party data", "3rd party data".
▼ Can we access & process data?  
Data availability. Legal (Consent management, Purpose limitation).
▼  Can we collect all metadata?
Analysis of data capture & collection.
▼  Do we extract all the information? 
Metadata analysis & breakdown.
Analyzing & Segmenting Data 
▼  Are the data obtained segmented?
Can we access the raw data? 

Analysis of data. Initial assessment of segmentation
▼  Is reality adequately represented by available data?
Identification of  Data Gaps & Data Opportunities
▼  Have we analyzed data's multiple dimensions?
Assessment of data layering alternatives.
▼ Are data available skewed?   
Analysis of skewness in data collection and/or data processing & analysis.
▼  Can we effectively determine Cohorts? 
Segmentation & data layering Cross sectional  analysis for an efficient cohort identification
Distribution & Monetization 
▼  Can we ,monetize our data?
Initial assessment of data monetization alternatives.
▼  Can we justify a proper Data Management project?
Assess Investment and returns to Pitch ROI to CEO & Board
▼  Can we assess ROI for data processing?
Measure & translate into differential income productivity increases resulting from new data processes
▼ Can we sell data? In which form?   
Analysis of alternatives to generate & package data streams
▼ Can we create recurrent income streams based on data distribution and sale of data?
Market analysis for distribution and sale of data
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